3 Handful Tips To Help You Be An Excellent Music Student

3 Handful Tips To Help You Be An Excellent Music Student

You might’ve been interested in pursuing music or decided to learn a music instrument due to its numerous benefits. Regardless of the reason, there’s a lot of incentive to enrolling in music classes and excelling in them – after all, you’re paying quite a sum for such an investment, why wouldn’t you?

However, similar to academic pursuits, excelling in music may not be as not as easy and straightforward as many would like them to be. If you wish to be a formidable music student, here are some things you can put in practice!

1. Do Your Preparation

Nothing makes your learning experience better than being prepared for it! Most tutors will give you a heads up on what you would be learning or practising during the next lesson. To make full use of your limited hours, ensure that you come to the music class prepared – whether it’d be preparing questions or practising a music piece days prior. Doing so, the pace will pick up and you’d be more productive in your classes!

Apart from that, ensure that you head to class with a clear and conscious mind. Ensure that you get adequate sleep. Always have enough energy by eating and drinking proper, which is crucial, especially if you have to exercise those muscles and vocal cords. Regardless of the subject, learning takes up a lot of energy, especially for those who are absolute beginners. Thus, ensure that your body is at tip-top shape to ensure that you can maintain a longer concentration span and learn more concepts before getting weary.

2. Consider Enrolling In Music Theory Classes

Before you jump into your adult guitar lessons or any musical instrument for that matter, consider enrolling in a music theory class as well! Understanding keys, chords and intervals not only allow you to grasp what you’re playing, but it also allows you to transpose a song instantaneously in your head. Knowing music theory also enables you to alter the preexisting chords of a song, you can also write better music! Thus, by understanding how music essentially works, despite it being mere theory, you’d be a better musician and songwriter.

3. Clock In The Hours

Lastly, there’s no method to significantly improve and progress through your musical endeavours as straightforward as practice. You need to put in the effort, simple as that. Part of practising music is muscle memory and letting your body be physically comfortable with the instrument you’ve picked up and the notes that you’re playing. If you’ve been straining as you try to hit a certain chord – chances are, your body still doesn’t know what it’s doing. Thus, ensure that you clock in those hours regularly and you’d be able to progress significantly faster than before.


Excelling in your interests is not a ride in the park and it’ll take a conscious effort. In fact, the journey might be emotionally and mentally draining, which may dampen your interest. But don’t lose hope, for the accomplishments will feel sweet after days of hard work. As you practice these three steps, remember to keep your health in check by maintaining good hygiene practices! Remember, good health is necessary to be a good musician.

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