3 Vocal Skills To Hone If You Wish To Sing Like Mariah Carey

3 Vocal Skills To Hone If You Wish To Sing Like Mariah Carey

In the list of talented vocalists that have wowed their audience time and time again with their vocal prowess, Mariah Carey is, undoubtedly, one that stands in the upper echelons. At just 49 years old, American “Songbird Supreme” has won several music awards, courtesy of her sweet and melodic voice. Having debuted with a multi-platinum selling album that cinched two Grammy awards, she was set up for a successful career from the get-go. Thus, it wouldn’t be all too surprising to know that she is an inspiration to many, with numerous vocalists enrol in the best vocal lessons in the country to learn and emulate her vocal techniques – her whistle notes were extraordinary – and her vocal range – she can go up to five octaves -.

If you, like many others, wish to sing just like Mariah Carey, here are some tips on how you can perfect your techniques to get a little closer to this diva.

1. Work On Your Melisma

In one of your vocal lessons, you will come across the term melisma, which is essentially a group of notes that are sung to a single syllable of text. It’s also much more commonly known as vocal runs. It’s a recurring vocal technique that’s present in today’s pop scene, with singers such as Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera using vocal runs frequently in their songs and performances. However, what many may not know is that melisma has its roots in classical music, and as with any curious child, Mariah Carey started practising her melisma by copying her opera singer mother ever since she was 2!

To pick up on her melisma technique, you will have to hone your musicality sense and not just hit the notes accurately, but to also fuse your runs seamlessly with the song’s tempo and style. Trust us, it’s a difficult task to do and you’d discover this in one of your music courses, which stands to reason why Mariah Carey is a league on her own.

2. The 5 Octaves Range And Perfect Pitch

Mariah Carey is also known for her 5 octave range and she uses this with always, perfect accuracy. It’s one thing to always be at the perfect pitch, but it’s another feat to move from one range into another seamlessly. And Mariah Carey can do it perfectly.

To work on pitch alone, one of the best ways is to pick up an instrument so that you can listen to the notes – the idea being that it’s harder to catch your pitch when you’re busy singing. Thus, head down and pick up a guitar for your adult guitar lessons or even one-to-one piano lesson. You’d be able to pick up sounds and pitch, which later can be incorporated into your singing.

3. The Famous Whistle Register

No description of Mariah Carey is ever complete without the inclusion of her beautiful and astounding whistle notes. The whistle register is the highest register of the human voice, often is a vocal hurdle for most singers. Whilst it is definitely challenging, it’s not impossible either. You can start by speaking in the whistle register and practising your yawn sighs. You can then later move on to sirens – imitating the sound of a tornado siren – and drill slurs to practise your control.


It takes considerable effort to sing like Mariah Carrey. Of course, you could say she has quite the upstart – she started singing at 4 years old – or that she is naturally gifted. But you can always emulate her techniques to improve on yours. These tips are, fortunately, ones wherein you can do it whenever at home, possibly a helpful feat considering the circuit breaker has now been extended for another 4 weeks. We look forward to serving you again in the near future!

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