4 Advantages Of Learning To Play The Guitar In A Group

4 Advantages Of Learning To Play The Guitar In A Group

Learning something new can be a daunting experience. And if you’re reading this, you’ve probably planned on taking up guitar lessons in the past, read up blogs and posts about it, maybe even looked up its benefits too. But as with any new experience, one last thing may or may not be keeping you from committing-fear.

Specifically, the irrational fear of being embarrassed or ashamed at the lack of any supposed ‘talent’ one must possess is likely to be present in anyone and everyone.

But take comfort in knowing that everyone must start somewhere, and nobody is automatically good in what they’re doing. It does take time and practice to master any skills. If you need some support, good news – there’s group guitar lessons you can sign up for so you can learn with other people who are most likely in your skill level. Find out more on how you can benefit from attending group classes!

1. Grasp the basics and foundations better

Listening to your instructor, reading up on the concepts, learning what needs to be applied, and studying them in-depth is a fool-proof method towards achieving a greater understanding of playing the guitar.

But with the aid of your fellow peers, learning all these together is a priceless advantage. You can gain as well as provide assistance whenever needed.  Creative thinking is further encouraged, and thanks to the small size of each class, students are more inclined to voice their thoughts and opinions.

All in all, tackling the challenge of learning to play the guitar is more efficient and productive with more heads as opposed to only one.

2. Share varying perspectives and insights

Thanks to the advantage in numbers, each student will read, learn, and likely uncover their own theories and perceive things that the others may not initially detect. These discoveries and insights can be shared among the others and, with the instructor’s guidance, allow each other to absorb all the knowledge and insight to progress.

3. Gain experience working as a team

It’s no secret that music sounds better with the accompaniment of varying instruments and talents. That’s why most bands are comprised of members carrying up different roles to enhance their style as well as their music.

Even solo artists are not exempt from this, which is evident if you look just a bit closer. As such, whether you intend to enter the spotlight in the future or play for yourself, becoming accustomed to playing in a team is a much-appreciated advantage. Knowing where their strengths and weaknesses lie allows everyone to maximise each other’s potential and support each other’s growth.

4. Provide inspiration and motivation to others

Not everyone is equally quick on the uptake. Because of that, a few may lag behind and inevitably feel demotivated by it. In a group class, everyone knows that they are in this journey together. Thus, students will naturally provide encouragement, willingly support one another, and ultimately radiate positive energy that will keep everyone going until the end.


Treading down the path of learning to play the guitar is a challenging, albeit rewarding journey. Although with the aid and companionship of other fellow learners, it will become an easier one. You won’t be going through your musical journey alone!

If you’re interested to learn the guitar and start your guitar lessons, Studio72 offers a fun and comprehensive group class right here in Singapore. And if you ever wish to delve into other instruments in the future, we also offer music classes for drums, ukulele and more!

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