5 Best Musical Instruments Your Child Can Learn Easily

5 Best Musical Instruments Your Child Can Learn Easily

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Playing a musical instrument is often linked to brain development and improved social skills. Indeed, studies have shown that learning to play an instrument brings about many different benefits to the physical, mental, and social capabilities of children. Of course, as a parent, you would want this for your child.

However, learning an instrument can be time-consuming and complex at times. This can make it difficult to convince your child to take some music courses. But introducing your child to the wonders of music does not have to be that hard. There are plenty of musical instruments that your child can easily learn with hard work and dedication. Below are some of them.

1. Keyboard

Knowing how to play the keyboard serves as a great foundation for learning other instruments. If you know how to play the keyboard, you can use the knowledge that you have in learning other instruments more quickly and easily. Contrary to popular assumption, the keyboard is the easiest instrument to dive right into. It does not require frequent tuning, and it introduces you to the essentials of music.

2. Guitar

Guitar is perhaps the most popular instrument for children to learn. Many famous singers – from Taylor Swift to Prince – play the guitar while singing their hit songs. Because of this, many children are also being inspired to take a guitar course and learn how to play the instrument like their idols. Like the piano, the guitar is another great foundational instrument that can teach your child the basics of music. Compared to the other instruments, learning the guitar is fairly easy because it does not require you to know music theory or how to read music notation.

3. Ukulele

Ukulele is the easiest one to play among all the other stringed instruments. Because it is only a four-string instrument with a conveniently small size, the ukulele is a lot quicker to learn than the guitar. Its soft nylon strings make the instrument easy to play, and its small size make all the notes reachable without stretching. All of these make ukulele a perfect instrument to learn for small children.

4. Drums

Although some parents might be hesitant to buy their children a drum set because of the noise factor, this instrument is actually a great one to learn. Aside from the music benefits that it brings, learning how to play the drums is also an effective way to boost brain power and develop motor skills among children. By letting your child learn the best drum lessons, you are allowing them to discover many of their abilities.

5. Recorder

The recorder is a very suitable instrument for beginners in music. If you want your child to learn how to read music, it is a great idea to start with the recorder. Playing this instrument requires breathing techniques and coordination. Hence, allowing your child to learn how to play the recorder can help them develop strong lungs and breath control.


There is a wide variety of musical instruments out there that your child can easily learn. The ones mentioned in this article are only some of the best instruments that you can let your child learn to develop their interest in music as well as their skills in other areas. By allowing your child to learn a musical instrument or two, you are helping them reach their full potential.

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