Become A Master Drummer Like Travis Barker In No Time

Become A Master Drummer Like Travis Barker In No Time

Do you want to play the drums like legendary Travis Barker of Blink 182? Well, good news! You can achieve his level of skill, or even surpass him. Finding your style may take a while, but in the meantime, you can learn a lot of vital lessons from reputable drummers.

No one who watches Travis Barker blast through an energetic two-hour session can hide the awe and admiration for such a talented drummer. Travis, whose drumming talent was discovered early when he started playing the drums at the age of four, rose to international stardom just as quick. With his exemplary performances as Blink 182’s star drummer, Travis became a celebrity as well as a model for many young drummers even till today.

You can learn drums and all the needed skills involved in a few months when you learn drums in Singapore, and then you can keep practising and improving consistently. Being as good as Travis Barker might seem like a long reach if you are just a beginner, but it is possible. If you feel as if the train has left the station due to your age, don’t fret. There are drum lessons for adults where you can learn skills that even Travis Barker employs.

Skills you can learn from Travis Barker

  • Endurance

One drumming talent you would need to learn if you want to play like Travis is the skill for endurance. Drumming, in itself is a test for endurance. It greatly exercises your muscles and tests your stamina when you play at a one-hour session. Travis Barker was known for going as long as two hours on the drum stool, nonstop for several nights, including many solo performances. This level of endurance doesn’t come easy. It needs to be developed by staying fit, just like Travis did. He lifted lightweights, did cardio exercises, and consistently remained active, even while preparing for shows. This helped him to stay fit and energetic during his long performances.

  • Creativity

Another thing to note in learning from Travis Barker is creativity. Travis was an immensely creative drummer. If you look through some of Blink 182’s popular performances such as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ or ‘Down’, you can study how creative Travis was in the beats and fills in his drumming. This can be better analysed if you enrol in a drum lesson for adults, where expert tutors can help you understand how you can reproduce such a sound with near perfection.

  • Versatility

One thing that sets Travis Barker from many other drummers is his versatility and artistry. His ability to seamlessly blend his drumming with all kinds of music, no matter the genre. He has worked with EDM superstars and rappers, and he even DJs in his spare time. To attain the same level of musicality, it is crucial not only to practice hard, but also to be open to all sorts of genre. With practice, you can insert yourself in all kinds of music production or music events.

Be on your way to stardom

However, take note that in studying stars like Travis Barker, you do not want to limit yourself to Travis’s style. You would need to find your style, even while you learn from their grooves and fills and techniques. There are a lot of overlooked drumming styles in different genres. Everything from jazz, punk, pop, country and even classics should be learned. If you can be creative in your form with any of these genres, then you are on your way to stardom.

Lastly, it is essential that you do not forget the basics, even when trying to go pro with all the badass stunts you want to display. It would help if you kept the essence of good music, which goes beyond your individual performance to the overall synergy and harmony of the band’s performance. And should you struggle to fund bandmates, perhaps try finding them at a music school. Maybe, your star vocalist is attending his own vocal lessons for beginners, next door!

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