Dive Into Your Music Passions By Enrolling In Music Classes

Dive Into Your Music Passions By Enrolling In Music Classes

There was this preconceived notion that once we reach a certain age, we’re expected to make sacrifices that are deemed as pragmatic necessities in order to survive. The first sacrifice will usually come in the form of relinquishing your dreams and aspirations.

It may still hold a grain of truth, but with the rise of Internet and entrepreneurism, we’ve seen an increased acceptance for those who wish to venture outside the traditional norm. This spells great news, especially for those who had dreams to dabble in the music industry. Platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud give you an avenue to pursue your passion without any considerable liability. However, this also alludes to apparent saturation of passionate people who wish to put their works out to the world.

You need to, thus, make yourself stand out. Find out how enrolling in music classes in Singapore does just that and help to propel your music career.

1. The Attractive Accessibility Offered

As with any other institutions, music institutions provide access for those who wish to learn. You can now enrol in drum lessons to learn how to play an instrument, or to simply learn how to produce music. By dipping your hands into the different forms music encompasses, you’ll gain a broader knowledge and possess a variety of alternatives to help you forge your path in the industry.

2. Your Peers Are Your Inspiration

One aspect that is often overlooked is studying with peers who are as passionate as you are. Your peers are not just your source inspiration. Their opinions and criticisms will not allow you to improve on your approach, but it may also give you a fresh perspective. Being surrounded by creatives allow dialogue exchange and encourages experiments, which is vital if you wish to grow as a musician.

3. Be Under the Tutelage of a Mentor

You can always learn music on your own but nothing beats being under the tutelage of a professional. You can now have one-to-one consultations and receive appropriate feedback that is grounded on top-notched skills and long experience within the industry. They will also be the one to give you insights and wisdom into an industry you know nothing of. With a mentor, you will enjoy an exponential jump in progress. Thus, it’s crucial that you find a mentor whose teaching you have an affinity with, as you’d be able to absorb faster if you do.

4. Your Progress Will Be Charted

Another fantastic aspect of a music class, your progress will be monitored at every step and you can now use this to improve on your shortcomings. The results you get from assignments and examinations are great ways to chart your progress. Seeing as how you are tested in sections and segments based on a rubric, you can also use them to consult your tutors to help rectify a specific issue. For instance, you can consult your teacher about the flat notes in your runs and ad-libs in your previous assignment for one of your vocal lessons.


With the different platforms available, you now no longer need to settle for a tradition norm. You can now dabble in something you’re passionate on the sidelines, and even if you don’t wish to take it up full-time, the best way to enjoy something is to be good at it. So don’t wait, enroll in a music class with Studio72 today!

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