Glen Wee: Moving From The Football Field To The F1 Stage

Glen Wee: Moving From The Football Field To The F1 Stage

Glen Wee was part of the Home United Football club that played for the under 16 and 18 teams. At the age of 26, he decided that he was not good enough operating football as a sustainable career. During his polytechnic days, he entered the first season of The Final I and swiftly moved up to the top 5 positions with a voice as slippery as caramel. He finished in the fourth position and paused his career shortly for National Service.

He had strong passions in music

But nothing could come in between Wee and his music. He was posted to SAF Music and Drama Company where he continued performing. Five years later, he started performing shows in Melbourne city. The nature of his music was a link-up between ballads and folk-jazz.

However, he did not forget his fans back home. He signed under the Warner Music and released his debut solo album which was filled with flavour and consists of seven tracks. The album was dedicated to citizens of the cities he lived in; Singapore and Melbourne.

Wee had always found academic subjects very difficult in school so he channelled a high percentage of his time in sports and became a semi-professional in football. He spent a good number of his teenage years on the pitch, always clamouring for the ball while he sang during training. He later made it to Temasek Polytechnic where he obtained a diploma in Information Technology.

Making the switch to music

At the age of 19, he started moving into music. As a child, he was enrolled in a piano class even though he hated every aspect of it. Instead of practising for his upcoming exams, he would get songbooks and learn songs that were played on the radio. He started singing as a means of enjoyment and later extended it for the joy of the people. Everyone enjoyed what he did and started praising him.

He had many musicians around him to give advice when needed. He also had a good idea of what he wanted for the soundscape of songs but learning the skills had been the toughest part. He had the feeling that there were better methods of doing things and it hindered the decision of making guitar tracks or piano licks. He also learned to stay solid on some ideas by staying true to intentions that have helped him.

His album was recorded in various studios across Melbourne and Singapore. He also recorded some parts from his home. According to him, his struggle was being financially savvy with his options. He intended to put out other albums that were different from EP as he had access to numerous songs. The songs that made up the album were a reflection of his feelings about issues that are within himself and the immediate environment. The hustle and bustle that existed in the city made up some of the content of his songs.

After moving to Melbourne in May 2018 for his degree, Glen Wee concluded that it affected the process of making his album because there were a lot of full-time musicians joining the music school and it exposed him to more when he arrived. His first formal education in music improved his standard of living, making it easier to get music sessions in an environment that poses a vibrant musical environment. He is currently in the entertainment line-up for the 2019 F1 Singapore Grand Prix, a huge platform for this home-grown act.

Find your own voice

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