How You Can Benefit From Learning To Play The Drums

How You Can Benefit From Learning To Play The Drums

Group Drum Lessons, Group Drum Lessons SingaporeA drum is a fantastic instrument to pick up and learn. After a long day at school or work, it can be relaxing to take out a pair of drum sticks and beat out a tune. This can be addictive and a great way to pass the time.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that there are various surprising benefits to playing the drum. Let us explore these benefits in greater depths and what adults and children can gain from learning to play this instrument.

Academic performances       

Research has shown that learning to play the drum can improve one’s academic performances. Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated when you are drumming, which boosts one’s IQ level.

Moreover, the basic fundamental of drumming involves the understanding of counting time. Drummers have to accurately grasp each beat’s timing so they do not disrupt the music’s tempo. The counting involved in learning drums can help young children better understand math concepts, leading to them excelling in the subject.

Improve physical coordination

Only a select few music instruments can rival the impressive coordination required to play the drum. A drum set comprises various percussion instruments. Therefore, a drummer requires fast, accurate gestures to strike the correct instrument at the proper timing.

Constant practice is mandatory for a drummer to memorise every step they have to make during a performance. All this hard work can improve your drumming rhythm, reflexes and your perception of physical space.

Fantastic stress relief

Drumming is a fantastic way to relieve stress. You can channel your stress and frustration and release all of them out when you beat the instrument with your drum stick. Similar to an intense workout session, your brain produces endorphins afterwards, which significantly enhances your mood.

Playing the drum is equivalent to meditating. It can help you reduce mental chatter, as you are focusing on the rhythmic pattern instead. Once you get into the groove, the music becomes your focal point. As a result, your mind and body naturally relax, and you feel calmer.

Develop confidence

Drummers play a vital role in getting the crowd excited by controlling a song’s groove and energy. As such, they have to learn to play loud beats, and that requires guts and confidence.

It can be challenging to pick up the drum as your instrument of choice. There are various complex manoeuvres to learn, and it will take hours of practice to perfect one of them. However, it can be a confidence booster when you finally nail that perfect drum solo. It will give you great belief when you take on the next challenge.

Playing an instrument is also a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, especially when you enrol in group drum lessons or play in a band. Performing in front of your peers or a live audience can be daunting. However, once you get comfortable doing so, you will discover that it is an amazing experience.


Can’t wait to get started on your drumming journey? That is excellent news. However, it is crucial to know that very few possess the ability to pick up this instrument instantly. It takes years of dedication and hard work to be good at drums, so do not be put off if you are unsuccessful initially.

If you are sure of where to begin, we welcome you to join our drum lessons. Our qualified instructors can guide you on the fundamentals and help you start your musical journey. We also offer various music courses for those interested in expanding their skill set.

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