Inspiring Moments Of Michael Jackson’s Music Career

Inspiring Moments Of Michael Jackson’s Music Career

Michael Jackson was one of, if not the most influential celebrities of the 20th century. Dubbed as the King of Pop, he not only stayed relevant for four decades, but he also managed to top the charts with every new single. One of his ground-breaking albums, Thriller, won a record-breaking 8 Grammy Awards, including the Album of the Year.

Having been around since before and the start of the internet era, his influence is not to be understated. His songs had a ripple effect whereby fans have taken to cover his songs and by displaying their efforts, have inspired many others. Sungha Jung’s guitar rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat It has encouraged many to take adult guitar lessons!

When he passed on in 2009, over 1.6 million fans applied tickets to pay respects, and the memorial service was one of the most watched events in streaming history, with an estimated 31.1 million audience in the US alone. Even after his death, Michael Jackson’s influence still holds much ground. Discover some of the most inspiring moments of Michael Jackson’s life and understand why he’s still revered as the pop icon.

Being A Fashion Icon

It’s not just music, Michael Jackson was a pioneer of several facets in entertainment, fashion included!  Every stage costume he donned was not just flamboyant, in the best way! After all, you need to be flashy to put on a performance! He immortalised military gear and the iconic sparkly gloves, even pioneered the trophy jacket trend in the 80s!  Imagine wearing one of those moto jackets as you drum to Beat It in one of your drum classes!

His unique sense of style propagated via his artistic music videos where he fearlessly flexed his creative muscle without abandon. Michael Jackson always managed to communicate an aesthetic message with an all-encompassing approach, placing him as one of the few music geniuses in the world.

Using Fame For Good

Despite being bombarded with constant controversy in his later years, Michael Jackson was one of the most influential humanitarian artists. Advocating for support to children through UNICEF, United Nations High Commission for Refugees and Center for Social Change was his go-to, further emphasised by his song “Heal the World” for his charity organisation. In fact, in 2000, he was cited as the most philanthropic pop star by The Guinness Book of World Records for giving over $300 million dollars to charities such as the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation, amongst many others.

He inspired many of his peers to take up a philanthropic stance for most humanitarian issues.

Creating A Global Culture

Creating a global culture is one of the successful things Michael did in his lifetime. At some point, at least everyone who was exposed to media had heard about him. Most of the youths during his time used him as a benchmark to navigate through life growing up. His cultural influence was so strong that it touched even the world regions that had not been breached by western influence.

In a time where most societies are still racially charged, he managed to break racial barriers by using his music videos into an art form and promotional tool. Within the industry, his music has inspired and influenced artists of various genres.


There is so much that can be leaned from the life of Michael Jackson. Through his skills and talent, he set the benchmark for music in the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century. Even currently, no artist has attained the legendary status that was attributed to Michael Jackson. His influence is still valid right now – several years after his death. If you want to model your career similar to Michael Jackson, singing up for vocal lessons should be a good place to start.

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