Prince and His Insane Guitar Skills: His 3 Epic Performances

Prince and His Insane Guitar Skills: His 3 Epic Performances

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Many singers can sing great, but not all of them can deliver amazing vocals while doing some powerful guitar work. One of the very few performers in the world who could do this was none other than “The Purple One,” Prince. Born in Minnesota, United States to a Jazz singer mother and a pianist and songwriter father, Prince had always been a performer at heart.

Known for his iconic fashion style and insane guitar skills, Prince managed to become one of the music industry’s powerhouses alongside other legends like Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. Indeed, if you attend some music courses, you have probably already encountered tons of Prince’s classics.

To know more about this legendary music icon and his phenomenal music skills, here are some of the most epic performances of Prince where he showed his insane guitar power:

1. Purple Rain Live At Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show (2007)

When talking about the best Super Bowl halftime shows, one cannot make a list without including Prince’s performance in it. Among the many accomplishments of the legendary singer is delivering the most badass halftime show in Super Bowl history. His 12-minute performance at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida is considered a masterpiece that featured exceptional guitar work from Prince.

Prince’s execution of his famous piece, “Purple Rain,” was particularly jaw-dropping with powerful vocals and flawless guitar play. And yes, the guitars were played live. This halftime show performance indeed showed Prince’s intense guitar skills, which he developed for over 30 years.

2. All Shook Up and Spanish Castle Magic Live At Montreux Jazz Festival (2009)

Just when one thought Prince could not get any cooler, the legendary music icon wowed so many fans when he played The King and Hendrix in the 2009 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. With his powerful rendition of Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Spanish Castle Magic,” Prince totally proved that he was a powerhouse when it comes to music.

His performances were characterized by unmatched vocals and unquestionable guitar skills. Ripping his way through Hendrix and Presley’s famous pieces, Prince definitely owned the title, “The Greatest Guitarist,” in this music festival.

3. She’s Always in My Hair Live At the Arsenio Hall Show (2014)

Two years before his untimely passing, Prince was still able to stun his fans with his remarkable voice and insane guitar skills at the Arsenio Hall Show in 2014. Here, the music icon proved that he had not lost any of his speed and prowess, as he slayed his Raspberry Beret b-side, “She’s Always in My Hair.”

Prince’s performance was backed by 3RDEYEGIRL whose guitarist, Donna Grantis, delivered an amazing solo. Not to be outdone, the legendary Prince himself also unleashed two wild solos that caused the listeners to drop their jaws in awe.


No one can deny that Prince is indeed one of the best performers to have lived in the world. His astonishing vocals and unmatched guitar skills proved just how talented and powerful he was as a performer. Whenever he was on stage, people could not help but pop their eyes out of their heads with astonishment. His more than 30 years of being in the music industry were already enough to seal his place as a legend.

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