Rapper Fariz Jabba’s Acquired Success In The Music Scene

Rapper Fariz Jabba’s Acquired Success In The Music Scene

Muhammad Fariz Abdul Rashid, who goes by Fariz Jabba on stage, is a homegrown rapper and singer whose style of music is an amalgamate of Malay and western pop culture. Just like every other budding musician, he started by posting viral freestyle rap videos that eventually landed him a spot on an online cypher show titled ’16 Baris’, hosted by Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow. Some would say that this marked the start of his music career, as this experience catalysed his local artistic growth.

Within a year, Fariz made his debut with his successful single ‘Ape Sia’ (‘What’s This?’ in Malay), which has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. This song is a reflection of his vision to keep his head held high while making sure never to lose sight of his humble beginnings. In fact, this can be seen by his gritty delivery that is delivered with a dash of humour! He attributes his comedic side to his brother, Fakkah Fuzz. To Fariz, the professional comedian is his mentor and role model, as he helped inspire ideas for Fariz’s viral videos.

Fariz’s meteoric popularity may seem staggeringly fast. But if you delve beyond the surface, you’d find that he has been working on his dream since he was 16 years old. Though he didn’t attend professional vocal training lessons, Fariz took it upon himself to teach himself the basics. He would scribble random facts about hip-hop or potential lyrics on his textbooks! This habit is something that he’s been cultivating even until now. Fariz would jot down notes of inspiration for him to refer to when he needs that instant boost of motivation.

Staying true to his roots

Relatability is an aspect that he holds dear, as evident by how he pays homage to the Malay culture in his music. Incorporating the use of Malay language in his songs is one way for him to reach out to his community, on top of allowing his music to resonate within his audience. Suffice to say, he doesn’t hesitate to embrace his culture as shown by the tinge of local humour and Malay lyrics that often make an appearance in his bars.

Not afraid of challenges

Amidst his busy schedule while performing at music festivals all over Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 2018, he released ‘Masa’ (‘Time’ in Malay). Rather than sticking to his usual style of music that usually consists of edgy beats and heavy rap, this song leaned more towards the R&B genre.  His desire to experiment with various genres displays his willingness to develop as an artist. Although ‘Masa’ showered him with the popularity that he didn’t achieve from rapping, Fariz is determined to stay true to what he feels is right at the moment.

Fariz is the epitome of a go-getter, and his constant desire to grow keeps his music fresh, and leaves his fans wanting more. A key takeaway is that he didn’t get famous by luck, but through his consistency and hunger to improve himself no matter what stage of life he’s at.

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