Singer Inch Chua Claims Pulau Ubin As Her Music Muse

Singer Inch Chua Claims Pulau Ubin As Her Music Muse

The Kampung Life

After March, the songwriter and singer Inch Chua has decided to remain in Pulau Ubin alone. She will start preparing for the day after waking up from the rooster’s crows in the morning. Her day begins with grabbing a cup of coffee and breakfast at one of the shops at the Jetty Islands. While enjoying her food, she will work on her administrative projects. Inch Chua will then use the remaining time to hike around the island and take in the serene beauty that nature provides, an elusive view if she continued staying in the concrete jungle. At mid-day, she takes a mental respite with a nap before working on her musical project.

These activities have been her inspiration as she produced her 20 new songs on the island. According to her, she finds it amusing when those around her advised her to travel overseas to seek inspiration. She realises the island has been the ideal place all along and she has yet to find another location that she could derive as much stimulus and motivation as Pulau Ubin does.

Going by iNCH on stage, she intends to stay in her three-bedroom flat in Pulau Ubin for a while. The apartment is equipped with solar power panels to charge the electronic gadgets she uses for her art, but she only uses it sparingly due to the low wattage. Should she require to buy groceries or food, she will either procure it from the coffee shops on the island or travel using a boat to visit the hawker centres at Changi Village. According to Chua, living on the island has made her aware of her daily food and water consumption, and it pushes her to conserve her resources as much as she can.

Performing as iNCH

On June 27, Chua performed at the Barber Shop by Timbre as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts’ public engagement initiative, The O.P.E.N. In conjunction with The Artists Village Art Council, Lee Foundation and National Art Council, Chua has also conducted workshops that allow participants to enjoy the island. They will also spend time together with the singer, thereby experiencing first hand what it was about Pulau Ubin that has inspired her so.

Other possible muses

Adapting to an unfamiliar surrounding is not an unusual feat that she has to take up. She has lived in New York and Los Angeles where she worked on her music and partake in part-time gigs. She intends to return to the United States, specifically Chicago, but until then, she will relish in the simple kampung life. She enjoys the quietness of the area to the point that she does not mind staying next to a cemetery and will even take night strolls there. Chua has recognised the positive influence the environment has on her, for the slow pace of life has not only altered her way of thinking but gave her solace. She finds practising the art of stillness to be an essential component of her art-making.

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