The Aspects That Will Make You Stand Out In Music Industry

The Aspects That Will Make You Stand Out In Music Industry

Music is one of the most popular and most profitable industries. With the abundant yet accessible music streaming platforms and social media, it has become so much easier to become an instant favourite. Virality is also a recent phenomenon that can immediately push you to stardom. Luckily, a music career does not rely on classroom knowledge, although enrolling in music classes to learn the fundamentals is highly advisable. Apart from having a basic understanding of music, there are a few other aspects that affect the success rate. To stand out in the overly competitive music industry, we have gathered 4 methods that were put to practise by successful musicians. Incorporate them into your practice and have a go at them!

1. Conducting Adequate Research

Before you can enjoy the benefits garnered from a successful music career, you’d need to figure out what type of music career you wish to have. Several music careers don’t require you to be at the forefront or the face of the brand. However, just deciding on the type of music career you want isn’t enough; you’ll need to work towards it; especially if you have no experience in the musical instrument. For instance, if you were to consider drumming – take up drum lessons to brush up on your knowledge and drumming skills. At the same time, consider those that work behind the scenes as well, such as a music producer or audio technician. Dip your toes into the different scenes as much as you can and narrow down your options to one. You can’t figure out what you wish to do or tap on any hidden talents if you don’t conduct adequate research. It’s easier to plan once you have a clearer goal.

2. Network With The Right People

Networking with the right people is one of the surest ways to excel in the music industry. After all, it is not what you know, but rather, who you know. Unlike other industries, creative industries run mainly by word of mouth. There are thus, a lot of gatekeepers and the only way for you to bypass them is to know the right people. Networking is therefore, crucial. Put yourself out there and get to know various types of people.

That said, you will need to have skills to back it up or they wouldn’t give you the time of day. To curate a lasting impression, polish your skills – music and interpersonal – and continuously update your portfolio. Ready your name cards and social media accounts, to make communication easier for both parties!

3. Consider Interning In The Industry

Whilst internships and volunteering may not have an attractive monetary incentive, it’s the easiest way to learn your way around in the music industry, especially since it’s a niche industry. The exposure you get by working with notable individuals may very well be the ticket to success. Furthermore, on top of skills, you’ll be making significant connections that will prove to be helpful in your career.

4. Don’t Be Blinded By Fame

Regardless of the industry and where you stand, there’s one thing that remains similar: politics. Several musicians were once thriving but later, disappeared from the scene due to one wrong mistake. Azelia Banks, for instance, garnered an incredible amount of hype with her debut single, 212. However, many musicians refuse to work with her after the singer started racial and pretty arguments with other celebrities on social media. Till now, she’s still banned from Twitter and Facebook.

That said, we are not suggesting that you put up a front. The majority gravitates towards genuineness and sincerity, and both qualities are crucial in your career. Thus, it’s important that you be kind and humble, especially if you wish to be at the top.


Outside from enrolling in classes such as vocal lessons to improve your skills, other factors go behind a successful music career. Those who have modelled their careers by using these approaches often gain significant achievements. Especially in a music industry as small as Singapore’s, you must work extra hard to put your yourself out there. Take small steps towards your goal and sooner or later, your dream is within your hands.

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