The Best Of Singaporean Pop Music From Hip-Hop To Grind Core

The Best Of Singaporean Pop Music From Hip-Hop To Grind Core

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There are many scenes in the Singaporean music industry and it is difficult to ascribe the term “Pop” to the entire music. The Singaporean music industry consists of various genres. It has attracted top musicians with fascinating tunes. Here are some talented musicians that are known for their melodious tunes.

Shigga Shay

Shigga Shay is another hip-hop rap artist that is well known. His synthetic tune and gravelly vocal are his center of attraction, especially with his companions, Grizzle and Grind Crew. These skills can be learnt from the best vocal lessons.  Shigga Shay also uses the features of his immediate environment to develop his music. He uses Singlish and other forms of languages to testify in his songs. The young people like Shigga Shay.

Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine Sokko is another Singaporean musician that is well known from her debut single track. The music was selected in the top fifty Singaporean viral charts on Spotify. Jasmine Sokko prefers electronic prepared music to make the locals turn up. She is known internationally for her smooth and melodious vocals that can be obtained from vocal lessons.

The LionCity Boy

The local rapper and artist is well known for his localized style. He has created music that goes beyond Singapore especially the songs titled “Yaya” and “Start Already”. He has also emerged as a solo star especially with his creative instinct to tell stories that are adapted by the local population. He has created a name for himself in the Singaporean music industry. Taking vocal lessons were a good move to achieve this feat.

Inch Chua

Inch is a famous artist in the Singaporean world with an attractive style that is specially prepared for the local audiences. Going solo with her first full-length album in 2010, she has maintained independence by developing creative songs that are heartfelt and charming. Her last album includes references to her experience in Pulau Ubin, an offshore island in Singapore, and she samples sound from the island itself.

Tabitha Nauser

Tabitha is another musician to watch out. She was a member of the Singaporean Idol finalist ten years ago and she is recently diverting into R&B style with an audience that likes to dance. She also started releasing her seductive vocals about a year ago and she has already gained popularity among fans.


Her elegant and moody pattern made her one of the best Singaporean upcoming artists. The combination of her brooding vocals and memories of her relationships helped her to create engaging songs. She uses an electronic background and cute voice to elevate her video titled “With U” and it has helped her to create engaging music that leaves her audience desiring more.

Sam Rui

Sam Rui is well known for her bad relationships and breakups pattern of music. She has produced songs with tempered electric soundscapes and seductive vocals. These are core topics from the vocal lessons. Her music also provided suppressed emotions that listeners may be required to push aside. Her musical content involves more appraisal than criticism since she is a young musician with an amazing music structure and raw emotions.

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