The Guitar: Why It’s One Of The Best Beginner Instruments

The Guitar: Why It’s One Of The Best Beginner Instruments

Deciding on expanding one’s skills is an excellent thing in of itself. Further choosing to go down the musical path is even better. The health benefits alone are enough of an incentive for most people, after all.

But here comes the first obstacle in the journey: out of the many instruments available to you, which one should you begin with?

As someone who has just begun to dip their toe into the sea of musical arts, you must be considering some, if not all, of these questions:

How much do I invest in my first instrument?

What if I don’t like the playstyle of the instrument after a while?

Once I decide on my instrument, where do I begin learning?

To help make you make a more informed decision, read on to know how to tackle such questions as well as glean some of the reasons why the guitar is one of the best instruments for beginners.

Availability and pricing

Given that the guitar is one of the most prevalent and widely used instruments, it’s readily available in most shops near you and online stores. A bit of looking around the shops and sites will undoubtedly reward you with choices that you can use in your journey.

Due to that, pricing for a good beginner piece is competitive, and your options are endless. Enthusiasts in the field suggest that guitars in the $100 range should be suitable for novices. But for prudence’s sake, it’s advisable to approach a local professional (preferably the ones found in music schools) and seek their advice.

Before you invest your hard-earned cash, it would be best to spend some time with the instrument first. Getting a feel for the guitar and deciding if the playstyle fits your preferences is ultimately up to your tastes.

Approachable and popular

The relative ease of learning the guitar to play your first note, scale, or chord is surprising. What’s more, the guitar’s frets (the raised elements on the neck of a stringed instrument) enable the individual to play it much more easily than other string instruments that lack it. This can be attributed to the division of notes provided by these frets, making it easy to play the correct note.

What’s more, this approachable nature is evident in the guitar’s presence in almost every song made to date. Thanks to this popularity, you can immediately find the notes to your favourite song, practice it, and then play along and improve.


For the acoustic models, the guitar is relatively light, roughly ranging at about 1.8kg to in weight.

What this means for the budding student is that they can carry their starting guitar anywhere, practice at any place, and enjoy the freedom of not having to be tied down somewhere to progress in their studies.


The guitar’s versatility, ease of use, and popularity are only a few of the reasons why it’s a compelling candidate for beginners who want to take up music as a hobby.

With just a bit of effort and dedication, anyone can learn the guitar, play and jam to their favourite songs in no time. So, get out there and start learning more about this wonderful instrument and play your heart out! Check out the best beginner guitar lessons at Studio 72, consisting of both a 1-on-1 and group guitar lessons taught by experienced music teachers!

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