Why Beginners Should Consider Signing Up For Drum Lessons

Why Beginners Should Consider Signing Up For Drum Lessons

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As a beginner starting your drumming journey, you would likely ask yourself if you need a drum instructor. With the various learning resources available, it is now easier than ever to learn music online.

Referencing online resources is indeed a great way to pick up a new instrument. However, nothing beats having a qualified instructor guiding you on the fundamentals of drumming in a face-to-face session. Let us explore why drum lessons are the best way to learn drums and how an instructor’s presence can help your drumming skills.

Knowing where to start

Many beginners are stumped on where to begin their drumming journey. From how to grip your stick to your stroke techniques, there are various fundamentals a rookie drummer needs to know. Seasoned instructors understand the basic skills every drummer needs to possess, making them qualified to guide you on your musical journey. They will also know when you can proceed to the next level since they have been charting your progress and milestones.

Learning the proper techniques

A solid foundation is required to pick up new skills, and learning to play the drum is no exception. Without a solid base to build upon, it is difficult for a drummer to improve their drumming ability.

When you are self-taught, it is easy to pick up on bad habits that can have an adverse impact on your skills. You may not recognise the flaws in your techniques without an instructor to point them out. Over time these tendencies are ingrained into your muscle memory, and it will be challenging to unlearn them. Qualified teachers are acutely aware of their student’s technique. They can highlight any mistakes you are making and correct them on the spot.

Improving your skills

Once you have the basics down pat, you should be looking to hone your skills and take them to the next level. An experienced teacher can help you fine-tune your techniques, which can have a massive effect on how you play. Throughout your lessons, they would have spotted areas of improvement you can make and provide you with the necessary exercises to polish certain aspects of your play.

Keeping you on track

It is not easy to keep track of your progress when you are self-taught. Regular practice is one thing, but knowing when to switch focus is paramount to improving your skills. Repeating the same routine is not the correct way to polish your drumming skills. A drum teacher can identify when a change is needed and ensure you stay on the right progression track.

Asking questions 

Online learning resources are helpful, but they cannot answer every question you have. You may encounter issues while learning that cannot be clarified by watching a video. You can save yourself hours of research by approaching your instructor. Drum teachers will always be there for their students, and they are glad to answer any queries you have.


Learning to play the drum is rewarding, but it requires patience and constant practice. Having a qualified drum instructor by your side to guide you on this journey can make a world of difference.

If you are an aspiring musician looking to pick up the drum as your music instrument, we welcome you to join our group drum lessons. You will have more fun learning with others as you interact and bond over your shared musical interests.

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