Drum Lesson



Somewhere deep inside everyone is an aspiring drummer. At Studio72, we help transform those enthusiastic spoon beats, finger taps and rhythmic foot strikes using structured sessions, so our patrons learn to enjoy the drums lessons we impart in our institution.


Our mentors use an unrestrictive way to teach the joys of playing the drum, not just solo but in a group as well. We know that when a happy face leaves the classroom, it will set the stage for an enthusiastic return the next day, with increased fervor, excitement and a thirst to know what the tutor will teach in the following sessions.


Through music, we can help mold you to become not just enthusiastic learners but rising stars as well.


There is no time like the present to begin those lessons. Join us now!



  • Basic rudiments
  • Understand notation
  • Grooves
  • Fills
  • Playing with songs


Are you ready to rock? Learn how to play the drums with Studio72! For anyone who wishes to pick up the drum sticks and is ready to explore the world of drumming, or for anyone who is passionate in this percussion instrument, we offer drum lessons in Singapore for adults and kids.


Whether drumming is your passion and hobby, or you are a professional drummer looking to enhance your skills on stage gigs and make a profession out of it, taking drum lessons can help you immensely in achieving your goals. Get ready to rock and roll and fret not about missing a beat with our professional and experienced teachers.


Explore your musical talent


When you switch on to some music, listen to it and imagine if there is no drum beats. It sounds insipid and weak. The backbone of any genre, drums are important in creating music and adding musical texture to rock, pop, jazz and more. Drums give the music its beat and rhythm, and learning this instrument helps you to understand music better. Because drum beats have to catch on to the base of the music, you will end up developing an ear for music much quicker. At the same time, you can also improve your rhythm while learning drumming.


Our drum classes are open to adults and kids in Singapore, whether you’re just starting to pick up the basics, have progressed to the advanced level or somewhere in between. You will be trained by our expert teachers and mentors in strong drum theory, drum techniques and be exposed to an incredible journey of practical drum methods and percussion techniques.   

Music is more than just listening to sounds and repeating them. You will be guided to explore in-depth in music learning and understand the nuances behind drumming that gives music more life and colour. When you are able to learn more about grooves, chords, notation and more, it will make you a more well-rounded musician in general.


Transform yourself into a rock star


Jump at the opportunity to learn the rhythmic language of drumming and improve your musical skills with us at Studio72! We strive to bring out the best in our students with practical and fun drum lessons. Learn to carry the proper technique, music theory and expand your proficiency in drums.


We work with students in different musical abilities, so you will always find the best, tailored lesson for your individual needs. At the basic level, the focus is towards developing your interest in drumming and build a strong foundation. As your progress, you can expect to improve your drumming skills further such as timing, improvisation, groove and speed. With our drum classes, there is a great learning curve for drummers of all ages so anyone can take their drumming game to the next level. This is certainly a great musical skill to add to your repertoire!

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