Guitar Lesson



The guitar can be a powerful instrument. You can strum intensely emotional melodies, soulful rhythms and match powerful beats with it. In your hands it has the potential to create magic. At Studio72, your guitar lesson is transformed into a journey of self-discovery where you will explore the joys of making music, tentatively at first then enthusiastically. If the goal is to master the guitar, you will do so in a happy and delightful manner.


Here at Studio72, we understand that a highly structured format of teaching may not always deliver results, which is why we design a guitar lesson to be unrestrictive in nature. This is also the best way to ease into the more complex lessons you will be taught eventually. You will learn to play the guitar, as a solo performer and also effortlessly do so in a group as well.


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  • Introduction of instrument
  • Strumming patterns
  • Tuning
  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Reading tablatures and notes
  • Playing with others
  • Simple picking patterns


Whether you’re just exploring the idea of picking up the guitar or are a budding musician, enrolling in guitar classes is a great idea to hone your talent. At Studio72, we provide an avenue for adults and kids to explore their musical talents and improve proficiency on their favourite instrument.


The guitar is a highly popular instrument that many people pick up playing, and it can be a powerful one. You can create intense emotional melodies, soulful rhythms and match beats harmoniously. In your hands, it has the potential to create magic. Our guitar classes in Singapore will help you explore the joys of making music, be it at the beginner or advanced level.


Fun and creative guitar sessions


Music is best learned with heart involved. That’s why our guitar lessons are unrestrictive in nature and encourage students to exercise more creative in expressing their own music style and expressions. Classes become fun when your instructor can make you learn more effectively with creative ways so your mind can also stay focused and stay in the present without being bored and distracted.


Making the learning process more fun encourages students to continue attending sessions and practice guitar, especially when the learning journey can be tough and frustrating at times when their playing does not sound as good right off the bat. Fun and creative guitar lessons also teach you to be more compassionate about your passion so you can express a melodious tune instead of something more monotonous.

Dedication is key


Beginners often may feel clueless about the process of learning and playing the guitar, and it can be easy to feel discouraged or doubtful of their potential to play well. With our experienced and qualified music teachers at Studio72, you can hope to persevere and develop self-confidence throughout the learning process.


Mastering chords changing and the prolonged pain in the fingertips can be hard for beginners to bear. Our effective exercises will help you learn lessons like music theory, sight reading, and finger exercises so you can develop a sense of groove with strumming or plucking and play more intuitively.


Our guitar courses are accessible for kids and adults in Singapore and tailored to best fit different stages of abilities. Beginners will be introduced to basics like guitar anatomy, correct body posture, choosing and holding a pick, basic chords and more. With an experienced guitar teacher, you will have an informed pair of eyes to observe and help you along with feedback and constructive criticism. They can also help to plan a course of action and guide you through challenges so you won’t have trouble gradually building your skills. Where your struggles lie, we will make the right recommendations to practice and build those skills.

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