Keyboard Lesson



Composers like Mozart and Beethoven have shown the incredible feats the piano and keyboards are capable of. Here at Studio72, we create an impressive curriculum to master the keyboard. With our specially designed keyboard lesson, you will learn to play effortlessly with both hands, understand and read music as well as interpret tones to reproduce them at will …


In time, you will learn to churn out evergreen melodies and contemporary hits with ease. Our mentors, learning modules and the relaxed atmosphere will all play a huge role in building the right atmosphere to learn from. Not only will you be able to conduct a solo performance but you will support and play the lead in a group as well. Through our simply designed keyboard lesson you will realize your potential not just to play the keyboard but may be even to compose as well in the future.


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  • Right and left hand co-ordination
  • Understanding the keys
  • Learning basic 6 chords
  • Essential music theory
  • Ear training


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