Rock Heaven



A professionally run music school like no other in Singapore.


A fusion of an upmarket glam rock music bar and a velvet underground vibe, combined with an uptown chic of a Manhattan coffee bar.


This school will boast an atmospheric composition befitting of Anna Sui, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Velvet revolver and GNR’, glam rock atmosphere – almost ethereal but held down with a deep base beat and rock riffs.


Jamming sessions and organized gigs will be part of the culture and as will a closely-knit network of musicians, artistes, and professionals with interests as well as industry thespians.





Just like the famous slogan, we welcome all professionals with soul. Anyone with the desire to rock can apply…. either with basic music skills or complete studio virgins. The only requirements are the love for music and the desire to make some… Having a performing bone is a bonus.

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