Terms and Conditions



A registration form, a non-refundable $35 registration fee together with a $60 one-month deposit (one-time payment equal to fee of a lesson. In the event of termination, the deposit will be used as the fee for the final lesson) is required upon enrollment. After enrollment, fees are to be paid by the last lesson of the package cycle.


After enrollment, fees are to be paid by the last lesson of the package cycle. A 10% surcharge will be imposed for fees that are overdue. We reserve the rights to cease lessons of students whose fees are 2 weeks overdue.


Payment may be made in cash, by NETS, or personal cheque.


Cheques must be crossed and made payable to “Studio 72 Pte Ltd”





Students are charged for all lessons for which they register within a month, including lessons missed due to student absence. In order to be EXCUSED from a lesson, students must notify the school at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson. Student is required to produce a medical certificate if he is to be excused on medical ground. Students are only allowed one make-up lesson per month for an EXCUSED absence. UNEXCUSED student absences do not merit a credit, refund or make-up lesson.


Students going on long leave (2 weeks or more) must inform the school at least 2 weeks in advance. The school reserves the right to release the slot and terminate the enrollment, and the student will have to re-register. To reserve the slot, the student can make advance payment for the lessons and make up afterwards.


Last minute postponement of lessons will not be entertained.


Students arriving late to a lesson are only entitled to the time remaining in the lesson slot.





In the event an instructor must cancel a lesson, the school will contact the student and arrange for a make-up lesson or a substitute teacher.





Withdrawal from the course must be made at least 7 days in advance. There will be an administration charge of 50% of the remaining course fee.

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