Vocal Lesson




  • Discover basic elements in Singing
  • Identify voice quality and type
  • Vocal positioning and parts
  • Vocal technique / control
  • Learn to sing your favourite songs 


It may be true that vocal talent comes naturally to some, but we believe anyone can excel in singing or putting your best voice forward. Working your voice to vocal perfection is a journey and takes work. This is where vocal training exercises come in. At Studio72, you can get a jump-start in achieving your goals with our vocal and singing classes in Singapore.


Professional voice coach


Getting the right instructor to teach you how to best harness and hone your talent is an important step in your journey. That’s why our professional and experienced voice coaches are well-versed on the subject of singing, as well as how the human body works. Learning the correct breathing techniques and tactics is crucial to protect your vocal chords so you can learn to develop your gift beautifully.


Voice training does not just happen overnight but enrolling in a singing class gives you a push in the right direction. With a professional to guide you at Studio72, you can learn the best tools necessary for improving your voice. For example, one of the steps involved is ensuring good posture. Keep the posture right yet relaxed, with the crown of the head parallel to the ceiling to support the respiratory system. This will enhance your diaphragmatic breathing to improve the sound of your voice.


Journey to a better voice


We understand most people lack the confidence to sing in front of an audience and they prefer sticking to singing in the shower or in the car. There is a myth with singing – that only a handful of people are born to be capable of being truly good at it. And that is completely false!

Attitude is key. Your voice is like a musical instrument – if your skills can be improved when using any other musical instrument, your voice can too. Enrolling for singing or vocal lessons are worthwhile because you can benefit from the opportunity to improve your voice through coaching and practice using tried and tested techniques. This is certainly better than trying to figure it out on your own online.


Whether you’re a total beginner, a casual performer or professional entertainer, it is essential to know to protect your best asset and increase its potential. Our singing and vocal classes in Singapore will provide adult and young learners with the right vocal training and knowledge to skilfully build their voices for artistic expressions. Exercises and tutorials will cover lessons like breath control, diction, voice switch, pitching, voice blending, tempo and rhythm, and more. A basic introduction to vocal anatomy and knowledge on vocal health is also taught so students know how to protect their voices for longevity.


Vocal lessons can also give you the extra push you need to build your confidence outside the scope of singing, such as speaking in work or public setting. At Studio72, you can be sure that you are getting what you need to improve your vocal abilities. Our well-crafted lessons for adults and kids are adaptable to your schedule and skills, be it at beginner or expert level.

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