4 Interesting Tips You Must Know to Improve Your Vocals

4 Interesting Tips You Must Know to Improve Your Vocals

What affects your vocals 

The golden rule of improving your singing voice is practice! Before we delve into other techniques that you can use to enhance your vocals, it’s necessary that you realize that none of this will substitute persistent practising. If you’re unable to practice alone, you can always join vocal singing lessons in a music school and get guidance on every step of your music journey.

When practising you should ensure that you understand the following concepts:

  • Breathing Technique. Breathing incorrectly when singing is one of the most common mistakes that can derail your music journey. The secret is to ensure that your shoulders are relaxed as you breathe from your gut. When inhaling, you should ensure that you only inhale through your nose and that your stomach is pushed out in the process.
  • Know Your Tone and Pitch. When singing, you should never strain! If you find yourself shouting, then you’re using the wrong tone and pitch and it’ll be detrimental. However, the most important thing is that you get immersed in the song that you’re singing. This will bring out the emotions and help you to connect with the audience.
  • Ensure Proper Phrasing. When you’re singing, you should ensure that your notes move along with the music. You’ll achieve this by regulating your breathing dynamics to avoid unnecessary shouting. Practise this with different phrasing until your song sounds superb! The ability to lower and raise your voice determines how well you connect with your audience.

Some of these concepts may be relatively complicated when you’re learning them by yourself. As such, consider enrolling for music lessons to seek the guidance of a professional.

Tips on how to improve your vocals 

  1. Engage in Vocal Warm-Ups. If you really want to succeed in music, you’ll have to ensure that you regularly practice. To achieve this, we recommend that you have pre-recorded vocals that you can use even when you’re engaging in other activities. The more you practice, the easier it’ll be for you to master your music!
  2. Clear the Throat. It’s normal for the throat to become overwhelmed when used regularly. In such a case, you’re likely to develop polyps that may result in hoarseness of voice. This will directly affect the quality of your singing. To avoid this, you can use honey to soothe your throat.
  3. Use Herbal Tea Before Singing. This is one of the common techniques that can significantly improve your vocals. The herbal tea contains lemon and honey which significantly relaxes your throat thus improving the quality of your singing. However, you should ensure that the tea is not heavily caffeinated which would otherwise distort your vocals even more.
  4. Use a Throat Spray. When you’re a fan of singing, you should ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Sore throats can destroy your vocals entirely if you fail to take adequate measures fast. When you realize that you have a sore throat, you shouldn’t hesitate to use your throat spray. It relieves you from the irritation and discomfort thus revolutionizing your performance on stage


If you want to succeed in your music endeavours, ensure that you take good care of your vocals. You can implement the tips that we’ve offered in this article to enhance your singing voice. Take up vocal singing lessons as they can go a long way in guiding your journey with professional advice and expertise from your vocal coach.

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