4 Playing Styles To Try When You’re Learning The Guitar

4 Playing Styles To Try When You’re Learning The Guitar

Learning the guitar is a challenging yet rewarding experience. If you’re just starting out with playing the guitar, choosing a style and genre to learn can be difficult. With so many different options, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities to explore. When you’re working on perfecting the basics, it’s best to choose one style of playing and stick to it.

As each playing style varies in technique, switching between multiple styles as a beginner can make the techniques and rudiments confusing, which ultimately slows down your progress to becoming a guitarist.

With that, here are 4 common styles of guitar playing that you can explore.

1. Rhythm guitar

 Rhythm guitar is typically played to accompany a lead instrument or melody sung by a vocalist. It’s often the style used by a vocalist who performs a song that’s accompanied by an acoustic guitar. When played in a band, it provides the harmony and interlocks with the bass and drums to provide a foundation underneath the vocals and lead guitar.

It’s played by holding a chord with your left hand and strumming the strings with your right to generate the melody of the song. The best types of guitar to suit this style are acoustic and hollow body electric guitars.

 2. Lead guitar

The lead guitar style is always used to play the main melody and riffs of a song. As the most difficult playing style, it’s an essential skill you need to learn to match the likes of guitar legends like John Mayer. It uses an advanced technique that helps to improve your solo playing skills if you can master it. Lead guitars can be either acoustic or electric depending on the genre you’re playing.

 3. Fingerpicking

The fingerpicking style is played by holding a chord with your left hand while plucking the strings with your fingernails on your right hand to generate the melody. In advanced fingerpicking, you can coordinate both hands to play bass lines, melodies and chords.

With this style of playing, you can easily play an entire song by yourself without being accompanied by other instruments. As such, it’s the best style for solo performances. Fingerpicking is a versatile technique that’s suitable for many genres from folk, blues, jazz, pop and country.

 4. Slide guitar

Slide style is performed by placing a slide on one of your fingers that control the chord and strumming or plucking the strings with your other hand. You’ll then move the slide along the strings to create pitches that vibrate more. This style is most suitable for playing country, blues and rock music.

Get started 

Once you’ve chosen your ideal guitar playing style, it’s beneficial to learn from an expert who can teach you the proper technique of playing. You can attend music courses for professional guidance on learning the guitar effectively. Here at Studio72, we offer the best guitar classes to get you started on your journey towards being a guitarist.

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