5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Start Playing The Guitar

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Start Playing The Guitar

To many, playing the guitar serves as a form of mindful escapism and a safe space between individuals and their preoccupied, busy minds. Apart from producing melodious music, playing the guitar is beneficial to one’s overall physical and mental health in various aspects, including developing a stronger sense of personal achievement.

From the first chord you learn to being able to play a whole song, the memories you make with your guitar will always be etched in your mind, creating a sense of pride and a defining moment. Essentially, learning the guitar does rewire the brain positively, leading to all sorts of cognitive benefits. Here are 5 powerful reasons why you should learn the guitar today.

1. A form of therapy

The simple act of shredding and heavy strumming on the guitar can be profoundly therapeutic and is a great form of relief for anyone struggling to shake off any negative feelings. A study also found that there’s a positive correlation between playing a musical instrument and reducing stress levels, which implies that music courses like guitar lessons are an ideal option for those who struggle with anxiety disorders and depression.

Learning the guitar can also enhance your memory and improve both your communication and motor skills, helping you cope with life in general. On top of that, the sense of accomplishment upon playing the guitar also leads to even greater joy and self-worth. So, amidst your busy schedule, 20 minutes of undivided attention when playing the guitar will do just the trick.

2. Great for your heart

As music therapy is constantly implemented in general health care in some countries, it comes as no surprise when a study found a link between playing the guitar and blood pressure and anxiety. There’s a significant decrease in heart rate and blood pressure in patients who practised the guitar for more than 100 minutes daily.

Playing and listening to relaxing guitar music like love songs can aid in times of anxiety, and when you create your own guitar solo, it acts as a painkiller and an excellent tool for people dealing with pain and chronic stress.

3. Confidence booster

Playing the guitar can also positively affect your self-esteem and confidence. The more you practise, the better you become, and there are definitely times when you perform in front of your loved ones, or even a larger audience.

Performing in front of others can be intimidating at first, but your confidence in expressing yourself publicly gradually improve, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. In turn, this will help you feel great about yourself, providing you with utmost satisfaction which is a vital ally in your fight against mental health.

4. Strengthened social bonds

Music connects people. The wellness boost you can benefit from if you get together with like-minded people to play musical instruments together is incredible. Whether you’re playing, listening or discussing music, being around with people who share the same passion and drive for music is an excellent way to connect.

It’s also proven that music is something everyone shares with their loved ones, and thus, social activities which involve music is beneficial to your wellbeing. Additionally, playing the guitar can result in new friendships forged, ultimately leading to a richer social life.

5. Express your feelings easily

Everyone has those moments when it’s a real challenge to express their emotions verbally. Guitars are the perfect vehicle to let out your feelings, and while playing, you’ll definitely experience all sorts of emotions leaving your mind and body.

You can also express yourself through songwriting, where you have the ability to come up with your own lyrics to convey certain messages. With the help of a guitar, your feelings and emotions can be better processed, communicated and expressed.


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