4 Renowned Talented Musicians Share Their Inspiration Process

4 Renowned Talented Musicians Share Their Inspiration Process

The music industry, as we all know, is stressful and demanding. Managing a celebrity status, handling business ventures and creative projects are just a few of the aspects musicians have to manage. This also doesn’t take into consideration of one’s private lives. It’s an overwhelming whirlwind of things on their to-do-lists, which make it seem astonishing how one gets inspiration to churn out new creative work every single time. How do these talented musicians do it?

Take Notes – Guy Garvey (Musician)

Guy Garvey is an English musician, more known as the lead singer and lyricist of a rock band, Elbow. Praised for his songwriting prowess, Garvey won 2 Ivor Novello awards at 2008 for his songwriting for his single “Grounds for Divorce” and “One Day Like This”.

For Guy Garvey, inspiration strikes at the oddest of times, which is why he always has his mobile phone nearby to record melodies and ditties that he’d come up with at that very moment. Such inspirations are brief, triggered by a single moment that nobody can replicate. Take a look at his inspiration for BBC’s music for their Olympics coverage, “First Steps”, for instance. It was born out of a pure moment of when his bass player’s baby daughter taking her first steps, a momentous moment caught on video. Thus, Garvey implemented the elements of hope, human endeavour and perseverance into that song.

Thus, always have your phone readily near you as well as a notebook to jot down all the time creativity strikes.

A Quiet Workplace – Mark Anthony Turnage (Composer)

Whilst Garvey advocates on leveraging on the moments that unravel around him, Mark Anthony says he finds inspiration from his quiet studio. This English classical music composer finds inspirations and ideas from having a calm and clutter-free headspace, something that is reflected and influenced by your surroundings.

Of course, this may not be the go-to for those who wish to engage in human activity or wish to seek opinions and validations from their friends or co-workers. However, the relationship between your workspace and your work should not be understated. Should you feel the need to hear yourself think in seclusion, then you’d do well to find a quiet studio for inspiration.

The Importance Of A Clear Headspace – Fyfe Dangerfield (Musician)

Fyfe Dangerfield, a splendid musician, songwriter and composer in his own right, believes that inspirations are abundant and that they exist all around us. In fact, his creative process is akin to seeing ghosts: existing but half-formed. What is needed to fully mould those vague ideas is a clear state of mind. Relief yourself from all the distractions and dive into what you’re currently feeling, seeing or hearing.

Clearing your mind also means learning how to reign in your emotions. He reiterates that creativity is severely affected when a musician’s thinking and behaviour is influenced by their mood and self-deprecating thoughts. Whilst we are our own critic and editor, it’s wise to learn how to not drown in your own criticisms and comparisons. Being in a poor state of mind prevents you from seeing opportunities available in your line of sight.

Never Stop Learning – Jay Z (Musician)

This famous American hip hop revealed that he garners inspiration from working hard to satiate his innate curiosities. As one of his inspirational quotes states, “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of trying,” he believes in the constant quest to learning more each day. Gaining any form of knowledge, whether it’d be big or small, is bound to ripple to fruitful endeavours. If you have yet to enrol in music classes in Singapore, do so! Setting your foundations and moving forward to learn another skill set is dire in any field, especially one as creative as the music industry. If you’re done learning theory, pick up an instrument next! Enrol in adult guitar lessons and have a go at producing music.  Don’t be afraid to test new waters and dive deep into learning what you can.


You can draw inspiration from everything around you. You just have to look to the right direction and focus on things that will propel your career – like getting tutored in one of the best vocal lessons in Singapore, for instance. Over time, your creative process will get easier and you’d understand how to capitalise your inspirations to meet your vision. Try your hand at the same practice as these stars during this circuit breaker period and remember to always maintain good personal hygiene. With that said, stay safe!

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