5 Taylor Swift Songs That Prove She’s The Songwriting Queen

5 Taylor Swift Songs That Prove She’s The Songwriting Queen

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When talking about the best female singer today, you’re sure to hear the name “Taylor Swift.” Born and raised in Pennsylvania, United States, Taylor Swift has been considered a born-musician, following the footsteps of her grandmother who was a professional opera singer.

Taylor Swift first rose to fame in 2016 when she entered the top forty chart with the song “Tim McGraw.” Initially known for her stirring country music, Taylor Swift has rapidly taken over the music industry, expanding to other genres such as pop music.

Perhaps, what is more astonishing about Taylor Swift is the fact that she writes her own songs. Yes! You’ve read it right. Aside from being an incredible singer, Taylor Swift is also an impressive songwriter whose beautiful voice matches her ability to come up with spectacular, often heart-rending lyrics.

With her extensive music prowess, it is not surprising to see how Taylor Swift has become such a global music icon. In fact, her personal story and the content of her songs have inspired thousands of people from around the world to take music courses.

To learn more about Taylor Swift and her jaw-dropping musical abilities, here are some of the best self-written songs the queen has had in her career.

1. Love Story

Love Story is considered by many to be the first song that sealed Taylor Swift’s name in the global music industry. Released in 2008, the song is about a forbidden love between star-crossed lovers. According to Taylor Swift herself, Love Story is actually about a man she never dated and who her family and friends did not fancy.

Due to the catchy tune and Taylor Swift’s exceptional writing style, Love Story received widespread praise and achieved huge commercial success. With over eighteen million copies sold worldwide, the song is considered one of the best-selling singles of all time.

2. Speak Now

Speak Now is another fan-favourite when it comes to Taylor Swift’s self-written songs. It is the main track in the Taylor Swift’s third album, one that is entirely written by the singer herself. Critically acclaimed for its lyrical detail, Speak Now is about a girl who crashes her former lover’s wedding in an attempt to win him back.

Because the song relies heavily on the use of an acoustic guitar, Speak Now is also one of the most learned songs on the guitar. Its easy chord progression makes it a great song for beginners to learn in guitar courses.

3. Lover

Lover is one of the most well-received songs in Taylor Swift’s seventh album. Nominated and picked by fans as the Song of the Year in 2019, Lover is an intimate song about the singer’s newfound bliss and confidence. This beautiful song describes the current mood she and her lover are in and imagines the life they will have together.

According to Taylor Swift’s fans, Lover seems to be the singer’s ode to her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, who has helped her co-write songs in her albums Folklore and Evermore. With its expressive and passionate lyrics, Lover is considered one of the singer’s most romantic songs to have been written.

4. State of Grace

State of Grace is one of Taylor Swift’s first departure songs from the country pop genre. Clothed with influences of alternative rock, State of Grace is all about falling in love with someone for the first time.

For many of fans, Taylor Swift’s exploration of other genres through State of Grace and other songs in her fourth album prove how versatile her voice and writing style can be. Typically compared to the songs of bands like U2 and The Cranberries, State of Grace has been widely praised by music critics for its broad sound.

5. This Love

This Love is the only written song in Taylor Swift’s fifth album released in 2014. The song can be considered surprising: it carries an enchanting tune although the lyrics centre on the idea of having loved and lost. According to Taylor Swift, This Love was actually meant to be a short poem, but she later realised it would be better to couple melody with the words she had written.

As an electro-funk and soft rock song, This Love is a unique song that departs from Taylor Swift’s country sound. By using several metaphors, Taylor Swift has proven in this song just how good of a songwriter she is, especially when it comes to evoking emotions.


There are many incredible singers in the world, some of whom are great songwriters at the same time. Taylor Swift has proven that a singer’s musical prowess is not limited to singing melodies and hitting notes, but also includes writing lyrics that tug right at your heartstrings. Taylor Swift’s array of self-written songs has undoubtedly established her spot as a songwriting queen of this generation.

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