Localise Your Music Playlist With 3 Featured SG Artists

Localise Your Music Playlist With 3 Featured SG Artists

In recent years, the music scene in Singapore has been thriving with soloists and bands that deserve your recognition. We may be a little red dot, but our music scene offers a myriad of genres from rock to indie-pop. If you’re looking to localise your music playlists, here are some homegrown talents that should be on your radar!


After a long day, relax with some bedroom pop music with Shye! Some of her singles include ‘999’, ‘I Rly Like U’ and ‘Momentary’.

Shye Ang, who goes by Shye, is a 17-year-old self-taught musician. Her career took off when she won the Vans Musicians Wanted contest in 2018. She claims that her passion for making her own music came out of nowhere, as she does not know how to play any musical instruments. Even now, she still gets nervous before a performance, but music serves as an escape. When she’s having fun, all the butterflies seem to dissipate into thin air.

Shye breaks the stereotype that you have to be involved in music since young. Developing a musical talent is not innate, but it can be cultivated if you’re willing to learn! Whether you’re feeling inspired to sing or pick up a new musical skill, sign up for our music courses here at Studio72. We are currently conducting lessons online amid the Covid-19 measures, to provide you guidance on your new musical passion even through difficult times.


Sobs has made a name for themselves through their melancholic delivery and lyrics that intertwines with energetic tunes. Their releases that you have to check out are ‘Girl’, ‘Telltale Signs’ and ‘Astronomy’.

This indie-pop band consists of a singer and two guitarists, named Celine Autumn, Jared Lim and Raphael Ong respectively. They debuted in 2017 after releasing their EP album titled ‘Catflap’, gaining them a loyal listenership not only in Singapore but around the world. The following year, they returned with a full-lengthed album called ‘Telltale Signs’ which is also the name of a track that goes over 5 minutes.

To produce their album, they didn’t have a proper setup which called for a lot of improvisations. Lim and Ong claimed that they had to build a pillow fort around the amp as they recorded guitars. You might think that having two guitarists will overpower the vocals, but it doesn’t. Instead, the tunes go hand in hand with Celine’s melodious voice. If you want to get into music without having to sing, then perhaps you can consider checking out our adult guitar lessons to see if it’s up to your alley.


Silky smooth R&B-funk interlaced with a guitar? That’s brb. for you! If you like chill vibes mixed with a good time, you should tune in to ‘Whoops’, ‘Cool With It’ and ‘Undone’.

brb. is formed by a unique trio of songwriters named Clarence Liew, Auzaie Zie and Marc Lian, coming together with a shared love for R&B, hip-hop and soul. What started as a random project, turned into something legitimate after a couple of song-writing sessions together. To them, music must inject a sense of nostalgia in a deliberate attempt to capture the feel of their music.

This year, they released their highly anticipated debut album ‘relationsh*t’, which explores the different themes of romantic love.


Music is all about learning a new skill while having fun. Aside from vocals and guitars, you could even try your hand at the drums by enrolling yourself in drum classes where you’ll be surrounded by professionals who will guide you with every step. You can also #SupportLocal in your own means by streaming their songs on music platforms.

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