JJ Lin’s Life Journey In Singapore’s Music Industry

JJ Lin’s Life Journey In Singapore’s Music Industry

Wayne Lim Jun Jie, widely known as JJ Lin, is a producer, actor, singer and songwriter. In 2003, he commenced his musical career with his debut album titled Music Voyager. Today, JJ Lin has attained numerous achievements and awards, including the best Mandarin Male singer award and three Golden melody awards.

JJ Lin was born in Singapore and attended Anglo-Chinese School and Saint Andrew’s Junior college. With the aid of vocal training lessons in Singapore, Lin writes his music in both the English and Chinese language with a captivating production style. This made him a recipient of his first award, the Golden Melody Award. Lin first signed with Ocean Butterflies International, after the completion of his national service. In 2011, he signed a new contract with Warner Music Taiwan record label.

Since his debut, JJ Lin has released many hot tracks and albums. This talented singer-songwriter has also written a great number of songs for diverse singers. Several notable tracks include A-Mei’s “Remember”, “Let Go” for A-Do, and Vivian Hsu’s Smiling Eyes”.

After releasing his hit album recently, Lin has decided not to release another new album in the current year since a yearly album has become a routine.

What he is up to now

Lin has been busy putting together the documentary of his musical journey, especially for his music production and tour. Through the preparation of two years for his upcoming project, Lin aims to encourage people to work passionately to reach and achieve their dreams and goals. For the fans who are eager to hear his new music tracks, JJ Lin has released his latest single titled infinity and beyond, and aims to announce more projects.

While handling elaborate productions, JJ Lin was also involved in a singing competition, a reason for fans and media to speculate. After serving as a guest on Hunan Television, the singer believes that it is important to prioritize plans according to time. He has only been able to make a few appearances because of his plans to return to Singapore for a short trip.

According to Lin, his recent double win award at the 27th Golden Melody Awards is a unique and experimental achievement because no one has ever produced a binaural 3D album, especially for a pop record. He draws his inspiration from live contexts and experiences as these can aid in production, as well as music writing. Although lyrics can be associated with various motivations, developing a musical arrangement and melody relate significantly to one’s state of mind.

Keys to his success

Lin describes himself as an introvert who participated in church worship activities. He expresses that the experience serves as a training ground that helped him improve his singing and public speaking. The key method to overcoming these issues was abandoning the self-consciousness and focus on conveying your message through music.

Lin’s memorable collaboration titled “I am alive”, featured Jason Mraz. He also featured Jung Yong-Hwa in another of his song titled “Checkmate”. The art of co-producing and co-editing with these artistes made the projects enjoyable and lively.

Today, JJ Lin also remains a fan of the Japanese streetwear culture, where he gains great inspiration from the military and sporty lifestyle.

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