Live Performances By Studio 72 Students @ Circular Road

Live Performances By Studio 72 Students @ Circular Road

In any musical journey, everyone starts somewhere at one point in their life for various reasons – getting inspired by someone we looked up to, tapping into our childhood aspirations, or finally setting aside time to achieve that lifelong dream. And in Studio 72, we support your goals to learn music in Singapore and at the same time, re-discover music with you.

Never lose your dream

It is easy to say “I’m too old” or “I don’t have time” towards your musical pursuits but sometimes you just need to put 10 minutes aside and pick up a musical instrument. Not only do you get to learn something new, but it can also provide therapeutic effects as well as a chance for you to simply unwind after a long, busy day at work and feel your spirits lifted.

You can gain a newfound appreciation for old songs that you’ve loved and enjoyed listening to while growing up, once you begin to play them on your own. And when you’re in the zone and having a good time, singing or playing music are found to increase the level of dopamine in your brain, according to studies. It gives a natural high to your body, letting you experience intense joy and feel good.

Live performances by Studio 72 students

Young and old, our students came from different walks of life and joined together for one night, for a live performance at the Street Lounge located at the iconic Circular Road. A joint collaboration between Studio 72 and Singapore River, our finest students got to belt out their best songs and showcase their musical talents to the nightlife audience in the streets.

Keen to join the stage and unleash your inner Rockstar? You can do the same and seize the opportunity to re-discover yourself. Whether you wish to pick up a ukulele or guitar, we provide classes for those popular music instruments as well as drums and vocal lessons for adults and kids. Soon, you’ll be performing confidently and be more motivated to achieve your artistic success.

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