Ringo Starr Is One Of The Best Drummers Today And Here’s Why

Ringo Starr Is One Of The Best Drummers Today And Here’s Why

The process of attaining a professional tiered skillset of any kind is arguably one of the most difficult tasks to take up. To be a professional drummer is a challenge in itself but combining that with another separate skillset like singing seems almost impossible. Whilst expert drummers like Ringo Starr has made it look as natural as breathing, you would need double the effort and additional help to be as good, especially so if you’re starting from the very bottom. There’s no shame in that, in fact, you should applaud for being brave. Besides, Ringo Starr started drumming on his first bass drum when he was just 16 years of age.

Of course, you will need to acknowledge that such expertise does not just come out of nowhere. There are several aspects that helped to can help build your skills to reach that level.

Respect For Music Is Vital

Firstly, you must have respect and love for your craft. These two aspects will fuel your passion and dedication to hone your skills and craftsmanship. This will then translate to seasoned drumming, but the potential birth of your own drumming style.

If you look through Ringo’s history, you will notice how his earliest sounds were always ‘ringy’, with a very energetic punch to it. He also maintains a relaxed demeanour while his beats accompany the singer on tempo. You can clearly see how much he enjoyed both drumming and the stage, which is then mirrored by the audience. If you desire to dive into the music industry as a drummer earnestly, this is a critical aspect to take note. There will be times where you hit a wall and the only thing that will give you patience and help pull you through is your love for music.

Be A Novelty: A Singing Drummer

Similar to Ringo Starr, consider taking singing lessons for adults to learn some basic vocal techniques. You can then add to the music’s texture by adding harmony to the lead singer’s melody. Or better yet, take centre stage and sing the entire song. Having more than one singer in the band will break up the monotony of hearing the same singer throughout the performance.

No matter how novel it may look like, however, it is not advisable to have a drummer as your main front man. Singing and drumming both are demanding in their own right and having to rely on one person to take those two roles for a 2-hour set is impossible. You’d likely exhaust yourself by the 10-minute mark.

Expand Your Drumming Styles

When Ringo was with The Beatles, he was known as their drummer even if he did excel in singing. Never one for technical drumming, his drumming style has an intuitive soul that was born out of the love of music. He was also known for ‘painting’ his hi-hat with an unconventional swinging of his drumming sticks. You may want to emulate his style to expand to your skillsets.

Consider taking drum lessons for adults to be exposed to several other notable styles from Ringo and other superstar drummers. Learning under the guidance of a trainer is essential in covering all the basics before moving up to the next level. Remember to stay dedicated to the process and you’d surprise even yourself once it’s over.

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