Singapore’s Most Engaging Rising Musicians To Check Out

Singapore’s Most Engaging Rising Musicians To Check Out

If you are engrossed with basic drum lessons in Singapore; such as indie rock, electronica, hardcore metal or R&B, it is important to know these homegrown artists, producers, and songwriters. To keep you updated on fresh talents and names that are making waves in Singapore, we have summarized all the information of songwriters, producers, and artists that you need to know.


It is impossible to ignore the actions and performance of homegrown Astreal at the Laneway Festival. The band amazed concert attendees with songs picked from one of his awaiting albums, and it sounded monumental. Astreal is well known for his engaging performances. Another reason why you should consider joining a singing class for adults in Singapore is because Astreal is a member of the first Singaporean indie band that was fronted by a female vocalist.


The experience gained from YouTube exposure has made the singer-songwriter to act as a starlet that blazes the R&B scene. After listening to Ffion’s vocals, it is imperative to comprehend the comparisons with Banks. Our primary aim is to notice the songbirds, dance scenes and the upbeat collaboration with Diplo-Esque’s “Over”.

Gentle Bones

He is known as the master of catchy lullabies, especially considering the touch of dance in his recent single. We can compare Gentle Bones with Soulful crooner, the man with the velvet vocals. He is also known as Joel Tan, but he has eliminated those titles leaving himself rated as one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Singapore. He can make fans especially considering how the female fans feel attracted towards him.

Sam Rui

Sam Rui formerly doubles as a lukewarm singer and songwriter. She has nurtured a steamy upstart as he continues to turn up the heat in the scene. Her distinct vocals can be compared to the UK’s R&B professional, Maverick, NAO whom she often shares her line-up with especially at the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival. These traits can be easily tapped from singing classes for adults. The young crooner is an artist whom you should watch out for.

The LionCity Boy

The LionCity Boy is also called Kevin Lester. He is a great rapper, music activist and producer. The homegrown hip-hop artist is behind the city’s hottest acts. He has developed an engaging name for himself in Austin. He also excelled in the Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Furthermore, The LionCity Boy was also the brain behind the track that was featured in Starhub’s campaign. He also had the opportunity to work with the hometown football star, Fandi Ahmad.


Wormot is one of the homegrown grind core band that featured in the London Underground metal stage festival at Glastonbury, 2017. The three metal head became the first Singapore band to perform in the stage in the British music festival. They also remain one of the most important band artists across the globe. They played on the same stage as the death metal legend Napalm Death. Earache, Wormrot was recently signed in a British metal group, and he released the number 3 studio album that consists of hardcore and metal glory.

From engaging disco beats to pop music, these Singaporean artists have demonstrated that the music scene has a lot to offer. If this list has left you feeling inspired, you can also start your musical journey and achieve your goals with our range of music lessons.

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