Musical Journey Of SG’s Singer Songwriter: Yap Wei Chiang

Musical Journey Of SG’s Singer Songwriter: Yap Wei Chiang

Investing in music lessons such as basic drum lessons and the best vocal lessons in Singapore can be highly beneficial to yourself. It can enhance your life in terms of happiness and skills. Yap Wei Chang is a very good example of a hardworking singer from Singapore.

Over the years, the Singapore indie music consisted of bands such as the rock bands. A singer-songwriter spearheaded them. An example is the Odd fellows that include Patrick Ching and Humpback Oak. There has been a significant turn-around recently, and there is a new set of Singapore indie singer-songwriters. They had made a name for themselves as solo musicians, especially when Charlie Lim and Inch Chua took charge.

These songwriters have inspired others to improve their techniques. Yap Wei Chiang is one young specialist who improved rapidly. He shone with the National University of Singapore in his early 20s as he was widely known to the wider spectrum of Singaporeans. With the launch of his debut EP, titled Love of another kind at the Esplanade Recital Studio, it was sold out within a short time before the event. It did not include huge debut party or launch. Even if he labelled the planning and production experience of the concert as challenging, he also got little assistance from his friends Edwin Wee and JJ Ong.

Although Yap seemed to be a newbie at first, he is not inexperienced while producing songs. He wrote songs for ten years even if he never considered himself as a songwriter at the early stages of his career. He only wrote music for leisure at the initial stage, and it seemed to shine naturally as a start.

At the age of 18 or 19, Yap felt an expansion in the way he was viewed across the globe. He began to grow into a young man and saw himself transforming his thoughts into songs as strong writing became a significant art for him.

Principles of song writing

According to Yap, he learned many principles of song writing by listening to Jon Foreman’s music. He talked about how art must be made up of the truth and how honesty determines how good a song is. He also spoke about how music gives us the freedom to talk about anything.

Over time, he got inspired by Gregg Alexander of New Radicals, Dan Layus of Augustana and Damien Rice to ensure smooth and emotional communication. Before writing and recording EP, Yap did not just emerge as a solo singer and songwriter. He spent quality time writing songs in an alternative rock band that was known as Chasing Daylight.

According to Yap, he wanted to release the songs out because he did not fancy having so much material, that nobody else could listen. Even if there were little flaws, he still values the journey that he represents.

Reflecting on his success

With the recent flashes of his success, Yap is thinking of extending his music. Releasing music requires a deep sense of humour as an artist, especially knowing who you are as an artist ranging from the level of sound to the image and concept. Vocal classes in Singapore offer training for these qualities. With the aid of singing coaches, you can easily enhance the strength of your voice for a long period. At the end of it all, you will produce songs that gladden the heart of others.

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