Traits That Set The Foundation Of Every Successful Musician

Traits That Set The Foundation Of Every Successful Musician

Success in music doesn’t come overnight. The gruelling practices and difficult behind-the-scenes decisions are often kept secret. Over the years, however, comparative analysis has shown that successful musicians shared acquired certain qualities that either brought them to the top and/or kept them being at the top. These qualities can be modelled by aspiring musicians to help them kickstart their careers. Here are some qualities shared by every successful musician.

1. Confidence Is Key

Most successful musicians did not miraculously achieve their level of success from the get-go. Most of them had to persevere to get where they are at now and often, they had to persevere for a very long time. In this gruelling journey, instant gratification is a luxury that most do not have. What they had going for them was exercising a firm belief in themselves to scale their careers someday. It’s a cycle: cultivating a sense of confidence that would then, fuel their motivation to pursue their dreams. This motivation would translate to an innate desire to be better and thus, manifested in constant practice. Being able to get better at what they do, gave them a boost their confidence and the cycle starts all over again.

It all starts from having confidence, or at the very least, the assurance that your dream is worth fighting for. In another perspective, it’s being stubborn and not allowing your fears or the lack of skills to relinquish your dream. You can overcome your fears by putting yourself into unfamiliar situations and those fears will morph into anxiety with a hint of excitement. Your lack of skills can easily be changed if you take a few classes. If you wish to be a renowned singer, sign up for vocal training lessons in Singapore! Nothing will stop you if you’re confident that your dream is worth your blood, sweat and tears.

2. Practice Makes It Perfect

On that note, practise makes it perfect. Successful musicians with the top hit songs do not get these songs delivered to them on a silver platter. Arguably, true musicians gruel over their music production for months before they could see a glimpse of their final product. Even with a team behind music production, you need to be good at what you do. And you can reach a quality level by practising and drilling those skills into your body till it becomes second nature. The truth of the matter is, success is often 10 percent talent and 90 percent hard work. So hustle till you reach the very top!

3. Don’t Stop Learning

Like most industries, the music industry is dynamic and is prone to constant change. There are a lot of reasons why this is so, but the two main ones are simply a change in the music genre and music trend. For instance, rap and hip hop were an avenue for the Black community in America to participate in political and societal discourse. The two genres also had a lot of associations with inner-city gangs. Nowadays, rap and hip hop do not have the same associations. Whilst it is used as a political and social commentary, as with most art form, it may not necessarily be so. You also don’t need ‘streets credit’ to be a good rapper.

Thus, you need to keep learning to evolve constantly. Be involved in the arts scene to get inspiration, take up adult drum lessons to pick up new drumming tricks and keep up to date with pop culture to be relatable with your fans. Queen received backlash when they tried to mash several music genres and inspirations into one song, and yet, Bohemian Rhapsody had become a legendary song even till today. Don’t be afraid to seek inspiration in avenues even outside of music, and be adventurous with your music! After all, is it truly art-making if they’re safe?

4. No Dream Is Without Sacrifice

Let’s face it; having a successful music career is probable at best. In a country that trumps practical skills over forms of expression, solely relying on your music career for money is not feasible. If you’re lucky, you can accumulate enough money for a decent living. Otherwise, you’d need to make sacrifices to continue doing what you do. Of course, this comes with concessions. If you have enough financial stability, you can head over to other countries to try your luck. If our born and bred JJ Lin can strive in China, so can you! If money is a concern, you opt to pursue your dreams part-time.


Despite it being a lucrative industry, having a music career goes against the conventional norm. The niche industry is demanding, but there is no doubt that it presents significant benefits to those who are diligent.  At the end of the day, money is a flimsy motivation to pursue a music career. Instead, focus on being the best version you can be, as a musician and have faith that the money and recognition will follow.

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